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AS-300(18-36区) 通过式金属探测安检门
AS-300(18-36区) 通过式金属探测安检门

AS-300 (Area 18-36) Pass-through metal detection security gate

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  金属探测安检门 该款高性能安检门具有以下优点 金属探测灵敏度较高 抗干扰能力强 多个探测区域,每个区域都可以单独设置灵敏度 自诊断程序,上电自检; 7 寸大液晶操作屏; 采用高强度材料,能防火,防腐蚀,防震等;可以实时监视的背景环境干扰。 AS-300 metal detection security gate This high-performance security gate has the following advantages : high metal detection sensitivity ; strong anti-interference ability ; multiple detection areas, each area can be individually set sensitivity ; self-diagnostic program, power-on self-test 7 -inch large LCD operation screen; using high-strength materials, can prevent fire, corrosion, shock, etc .; can monitor real-time background environment interference

ISO14001 环境认证,并取得公安部检验报告、欧盟 CE 认证。 This product has passed the international ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14001 environmental certification, and obtained the inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security and EU CE certification.

Many advanced features :

多防区技术: 18 探测防区,各探测防区灵敏度可任意调节(具备自适应调节技术),并有高亮度LED报警部位指示,精确定位藏匿的违禁品部位 Multi-zone technology: 18 detection zones, the sensitivity of each detection zone can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology), and there is a high-brightness LED alarm location indication to accurately locate hidden contraband areas

操作 液晶屏,新型调试程序界面 操作更加简便易懂。 ★ Large-screen technology: 7 -inch LCD screen and a new debugging program interface make operation easier and easier to understand.

探测物体:可探测磁性、非磁性和合金金属 Detect objects: can detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals ;

55优越的防护性能。 ★ Superior shell protection technology: IP 55's superior protection performance.

防电磁干扰: 采用DSP数字信号处理技术,自动扫描检测安装现场环境的机械及电磁干扰,自动适应工作环境,对电磁和机械性干扰具高免疫力;无需周期性校调,大大提高抗干能力; Anti-electromagnetic interference: adopts DSP digital signal processing technology, automatically scans and detects the mechanical and electromagnetic interference of the installation site environment, automatically adapts to the working environment, has high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical interference; no periodic calibration is required, which greatly improves anti-drying ability;

★ Working frequency band: Up to 100 working frequency bands, with multiple devices working side by side adjacent to the same 50cm without interfering with each other;

灵敏度校准 区灵敏度校准显示,当校准区域探测灵敏度时,当前调节区域指示灯点亮,提示操作员当前的调节区域,其他未校准区域不会做出探测,方便使用人员确定定位调节校准灵敏度 Sensitivity calibration : Zone sensitivity calibration display, when the calibration area detection sensitivity, the current adjustment area indicator lights up, prompting the operator of the current adjustment area, other uncalibrated areas will not detect, which is convenient for users to determine the positioning adjustment calibration sensitivity ;

飞物探测功 :可 防止人员在不通过安检门时从安检门中传递物品 Flying object detection function : can prevent personnel from passing items from the security gate when not passing through the security gate ;

专业探测程序:系统内置 72 种不同场合探测标准程序 Professional detection program: The system has built-in standard detection programs for 72 different occasions .

屏菜单显示 采用彩色液晶显示屏菜单显示,中英文选择菜单,并在液晶显示屏上实时显示背景环境干扰信号,以便在安装中有针对性调整 ★ On- screen menu display : Use color LCD display menu display, select menu in Chinese and English, and display background environmental interference signals on the LCD display in real time for targeted adjustment during installation ;

自适应诊断:开机时系统自适应诊断检测功电能 ,故障显示; Self-adaptive diagnosis at startup: The system self-diagnoses and detects the power and energy when the machine is turned on , and the fault is displayed;

自适应调试系统:系统进入调试系统时可自适应调试探测标准。 Adaptive debugging system: When the system enters the debugging system, it can adaptively debug the detection standard.

根椐人体基本结构划分为 6- 18 个探测区域 , 从而使探测区的灵敏度分布不仅无盲区而且更均匀。 ★ Detection area: The basic structure of the human body is divided into 6 to 18 detection areas , so that the sensitivity distribution of the detection area is not only non-blind but also more uniform.

999级。 ★ Detection zone sensitivity: The sensitivity of a single zone can reach 0-999 level. Built-in high and low sensitivity programs, convenient and fast adjustment, all detection program parameters can be set and modified at any time ;

可以根据样品自动调节灵敏度 ★ Self-learning function: sensitivity can be adjusted automatically according to the sample ;

自动唤醒: 5 分钟内系统无探测工作时将自动进入省电模式,待有物体通过时系统将自动唤醒进入工作模式 Automatic wake-up: The system will automatically enter the power saving mode when there is no detection in the system within 5 minutes, and the system will automatically wake up and enter the working mode when objects pass .

扩散报警方式 :采用LED两侧扩散报警方式,可区分金属大小 Diffusion alarm method : Adopt the diffusion alarm method on both sides of the LED to distinguish the size of the metal ;

配备智能化的客流量和报警计数器,实时自动显示记录报警次数和进出人数, 100000 条超大容量记录信息方便实时查阅 ★ Alarm data statistics: equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter, real-time automatic display and recording of the number of alarms and the number of people entering and leaving, 100,000 pieces of large-capacity record information for easy real-time inspection ;

★ Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment settings.

★ Alarm sound mode: The system has a variety of alarm sound selectable modes to suit different occasions.

密码操作:密码保护只允许授权人员操作,安全性更高 Password operation: Password protection allows only authorized personnel to operate, higher security ;

人体安全:对心脏起博器佩带者、孕妇、磁性介质等无害 Safety of the human body: harmless to wearers of cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc .;

Function configuration:

Product number


External dimensions

) × 835mm ( ) × 580mm ( ) 2230mm ( height ) × 835mm ( width ) × 580mm ( depth )

Vertical channel size

) × 700mm ( ) × 500mm ( ) 1990mm ( height ) × 700mm ( width ) × 500mm ( depth )

Detecting door panel package size

650mm × 190mm 2350mm × 650mm × 190mm

Host box size

255mm × 445mm 750mm × 255mm × 445mm

Total Weight

KG 65 KG

Operating Voltage

240V 50 60Hz AC90V 240V 50 60Hz

Power consumption

15 W (全球唯一最低功耗) 15 W (the only lowest power consumption in the world)


Areas 6-18

Working frequency range

10 0 个频段 1 10 0 frequency bands


999 级可调 0 ~ 999 level adjustable

Working temperature

65 -20 ℃ ~ 65

Installation Environment

200cm( 无金属最小范围 ) 片状横向 100cm in width * 200cm in length ( minimum range without metal )

Location detection of metal objects

金属 Sensitivity ≥ 6g metal


7 -inch LCD screen and new debug program interface make operation easier and easier to understand.

technical standard:

Appliances are implemented according to EN60950 safety standards

Radiation is performed according to EN50081-1

Anti-interference refer to EN50082-1

Implemented (GB15210-2003) version of the pass-through metal detector

Enterprise passed IS09001: 2008 quality management system certification

Enterprise passed 0HSASl 8001 occupational health certification

The company passed the ISO14001 environmental management certification

Products passed EU CE certification

认证 Product passed FCC certification

认证 Products passed ROHS certification

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